The Birds, the Bees, the Bugs and the Fleas

For years the creatures of this planet have been concerned about climate change. But now they’re doing something about it.

The Birds, the Bees, the Bugs and the Fleas

by Jules de Jongh

Season 3 Episode 11

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Nanny Bea: Why I’m Nanny Bea and my neighbour Jules will be bringing us a story any…

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Nanny Bea:  minute now.

Nanny Bea:  Oh I do hope that is…

JulesHI Nanny Bea, it’s your neighbour Jules with a story.

Nanny Bea: And it is! Come in dear, please.

Jules:  Have I got a tale for you and a call to action. Are you ready for a story?

Nanny Bea:  Oh, yes please.

Jules:  Okay then, The Birds, the Bees, the Bugs and the Fleas, adapted for radio

‘Welcome friends and fleas to the monthly meeting of the small creatures against climate change,’ said Mrs Bird, ‘how are we getting on with the campaign?’ Mrs Bird was a straight to the point kind of woman. She and the other creatures had been working together for sometime, trying to change the world. Have you noticed? Well, I don’t blame you, they are very small creatures.

Mr Bee stood up first, he was so excited, ‘Well they are starting to listen, we’ve got coverage all over the press, digital and radio. Those humans are finally realising, no bees, no business.’

Mr Bee thought his part of the campaign to be the most important so he usually did stand up first but with reason to be proud, I mean bees do keep the food chain going by flitting from flower to flower spreading pollen everywhere. Why if it wasn’t for them we’d run out of things to eat like bread and pears, wildflowers to see and cotton to wear. Those bees really get around. 

‘And Mr Bee,’ said Mrs Bird discreetly, ‘you seem to have a little,’ she did a subtle wiping motion on her leg as Mr Bee had once again arrived with pollen on his legs. He took no notice, probably kept in on their as some kind of bragging right. And speaking of bragging, don’t even mention honey!

‘Did I hear someone mention honey? Well as you may not be aware honey is not only as sweet as, well, honey, it can mend your wounds, sooth your coughs and on occasion get rid of those seasonal allergies.’

‘Yes, yes Mr Bee, you tell us that everytime we get together, now uh how many times has that been now, uh?’ Mr Bug turned to Miss Flea and asked.

‘Well let me see, when did we first notice climate change? Was it at that all creatures great and small summit of 1860?’

‘Nah, nah your getting confused, this group didn’t start our campaign until, like the year 2000 when the public started to notice,’ said the bossy Mr Bee, but he was right.

‘Oh, yeah,’ Miss Flea added. But climate change had been a worry for the creatures on the planet for generations. They decided, once people started noticing, that maybe, just maybe they could be made to notice some more and, dream of all dreams, do something about it!

‘Please, please friends and fleas, could we stay on track, this zoom has limited minutes,’ Mrs Bird told the committee. 

‘Well like I was saying, it’s all over the media, even Greenpeace has a Save the Bees campaign, oh, oh and did you see me on the box of Cheerios, totally my idea. Bring back the Bees they said and you can get a box of sunflower seeds, ooo I do love me some sunflower flitting.’

‘Mr Bee…’ said Mrs Bird warning him to stay on topic.

‘There are bee petitions, bee competitions, people setting up bee hives, politicians ruling for bee’s lives, against pesticides. Important people say, and I’m talking professors and such, that if you want to know how healthy the planet is, check out the bees!’

‘Thank you Mr Bee, and well done, who would like to speak up next?’  Mr Bug and Miss Flea are too polite to push in front so Mrs Bird stepped in and just asks. 

‘Mr Bug, you haven’t said much today, how are things going with your part of the campaign?’ Now the bug community don’t have the celebrity status of the bees but that actually gives them access to all different avenues. They can sneak into board meeting, political debates, without anyone noticing. Except for the very alert people who use the phrase, ‘to put a bug in someone’s ear.’ They basically mean to plant an idea in their head and oh buddy, these bugs were good at that.

‘Why, thank you Mrs Bird and distinguished members of the small creatures against climate change committee, we’ve been planting ideas across the globe in California we’ve got a ‘Grow Local’ campaign and in the UK ‘The Little Red Tractor’ symbol so people can reduce food miles and stop polluting the planet.’

‘Excellent work Mr Bug, how about you Miss Flea?’ Mrs Bird redirected to Miss Flea.

‘Me, oh yes, the fleas have been taking a more aggressive approach and as they say ‘putting a flea in their ear.’ In whose ear you might ask?’ she looked around, nobody asked so she carried on, ‘In politicians ears, governments around the world. We give them a telling off for their approach to saving the planet but I’m sorry to report they are still not counting food miles, any miles actually. They think saying they care is enough but they need to count the total cost. We are fighting for them to start labelling food and clothes and anything people buy with the real cost to the environment. Oh and I have no idea what to do about how they make earth saving rules for making things in one country but then let companies just start making them in another country where there are no rules. You’d think politicians don’t realise it’s all one planet.’

‘Most worrying,’ Mrs Bird replied, ‘what shall we do next?’ The entire committee, even chatty Mr Bee just sat there, it looked to Mrs Bird that Zoom had frozen. ‘Are you still there?’ she asked. They moved enough to reassure her. ‘You know I’ve seen a lot of this world we live on and one thing I’ve discovered is that the smallest in society can bring about the biggest change. Perhaps we should turn the next phase of our campaign over to the children?’

This got the committee buzzing, bees and otherwise. 

‘They could make posters and letters to send to large companies and politicians saying:

We can count, why don’t you

Count the total cost.’

‘Yes, yes and they could ask their parents at home to buy local and reduce polluting food miles!’ an excited Mr Bug added.

‘What if all the children rose up, even the smallest ones. They could really change the world and save us all.’ 

At that, the zoom call cut them off but it was such a perfect message to end on, they didn’t mind. 

The End

Nanny Bea: Oh thank you Jules. You know I am more of an artsy adventurous type but even I can count. Why do they ignore the real cost and pretend that we won’t notice.

Jules: Probably because we haven’t shouted loud enough, yet!

Nanny Bea: So there you have it listening friends, this planet is the only one we have and you are the future. Shout until they cannot ignore you.

Jules: Splendid plan Nanny Bea. We have two more stories before you head off on tour and you can find more details on our website.

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Jules:  Go there to find out about all our episodes. Then join us next week for more Tales and Tea.

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