Tag: original story

  • There’s Snow School Today

    When a snowball the size of the moon falls from the sky, school goes virtual and Seb is bored until a visitor arrives and changes everything.

  • Lighthouses, Levers and Lasers

    A mysterious visitor comes to class which turns into a circus and a city and a salty seaside, all in search of an answer. Where did the mobile phone come from?

  • Dr Frankenbeans and His Mashup

    Dr Frankenbeans is busy in his laboratory working on what some call an abomination, but he considers a masterpiece that will change the world forever! (well, change mealtimes...occasionally)

  • The Knitted Boy

    This boy’s story starts with the king, as do the stories of all the other boys and girls, birds and bees, buds and trees. You see this king created the kingdom, with his own hands. He is not one of those a jack of all trades, no, he’s a master of everyone.

  • Gordon Fox and the Three Hares

    One windy winter’s day Gordon Fox stopped at the motorway services for some Doritos and a Diet Coke when off in the distance he saw not one, not two but three hares in matching leather coats.

  • Still Simon Would’t Bathe

    From the bed Simon managed to break his way loose but it’s not long before he encountered some mousse, the kind that you eat not the kind for your hair, unfortunately though it ended up there.

  • Stuck in the Stickiness

    In a place where left is right and east is west they like to do things differently. They drive on the pavement and walk on the road. They eat soup with a fork and spread butter with a spoon. It’s not so much that they want a more difficult life, it’s just that they’re sticky. And the longer they are sticky the more stuck they become.