Tag: fairytale

  • Jack and the Jelly Beanstalk

    There are many Jacks in the world of well known tales, the nimble one, the friend of Jill, Jack who ate no fat, Jack Horner who merely sat in that corner. But our Jack is a different Jack, not to be confused with the kind and grateful boy who went up the beanstalk either. Our Jack is neither kind nor grateful in fact he’s all together disagreeable.

  • Little Red

    There was a girl with a name nobody used, instead they called her Little Red for everyday rain or shine she wore a hooded cape of red, over her school uniform, over her Sunday best, over her pj’s until her mother mysteriously removed it in the night.

  • The Emperor’s New Clothes

    One clothes obsessed emperor meets two greedy weavers and together they weave the most peculiar tale.

  • Three Not So Little Pigs

    Whether Wolf was bad to the bone because no one would talk to him or no one would talk to him because he was bad to the bone, the result was the same. Everywhere he went, mischief was on his mind.