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  • Piddle, Paddle and Tattle; Polliwog Adventures

    The life of a polliwog might seem rather dull, just floating around until your legs pop out, bobbing along until your arms come through, but life is what you make it and these three little polliwogs had adventures galore.

  • The Boy Who Got Stuck in the Jar

    Freddy Fistolera with his early bird ticket and two weeks allowance, knew exactly where he was headed, the candy stall. They had buttertoes and sneakers, red veins and gob slobbers, every kind of candy you could dream of all on display in giant glass jars.

  • Come Sail Away

    Grandfather’s study was a place where one didn't touch a thing, not the globe dangling half cocked, not the stuffed Pigeon, the moose or the fox and most definitely not, decidedly not the smallest of ships adrift in a bottle to the left of the mantlepiece clock.

  • Bumble Jumbo

    Trevor and Stan were a couple of ordinary fleas just looking for a break from the monotony of life, so when Trevor’s uncle offered them two free tickets to paradise, they jumped on it. Well Trevor jumped and Stan kind of staggered, he has an unearthly fear of flying.

  • The Toilet Paper Fairy

    The Gunndersons seemed like a regular family. They fought over the best seat, cried over their split milk and laughed over any unexpected sounds or smells. It wasn’t until one day, on a Monday that Courtney, the youngest of the Gundunderson gang, realised her family was not what they seemed.

  • Mariuccia and the Meatballs

    On top of spaghetti all covered in cheese, there were three meatballs 'til somebody sneezed. Make meatballs with Nonna Mariuccia but watch out, they're slippery little suckers!

  • Time Keeps on Slipping into the Future

    But at a faster rate than it should. Can one man convince the world and can he do it in time?

  • The Plight of the Hairless Chihuahua

    Edwin was a happy pup, the perfect Chihuahua, if your idea of perfect didn't include hair. An ugly duckling who finally found where he belonged.

  • Uber Doober Doo

    It's Sam's dream to become a vet but he doesn't have the time to make his dream come true. Maybe with a little help from his friends?

  • Darcy the Dragonslayer

    There was something extraordinary about Darcy, something even Darcy didn't know.