• The Diary of a Dormouse Detective

    In Moussissippi the Rat Pack rule, that is until the Mousecapades comes to town.

  • The Tale of Benjamin Bunny

    Beatrix Potter's classic tale with a tail. Peter Rabbit’s cousin comes to town and mischief follows.

  • The Mole Who Was Afraid of the Light

    Marty was a typical mole who discovered that in order to find his future, he must face his fears.

  • The Easter Basket

    The Easter story from Myriam's point of view. She was tormented by seven rats until the Nazarene came to town. He not only freed her from the rats, he carried her load and she followed him faithfully to the very end and back.

  • Buggins and Gubbins Go to the Flea Circus

    A teeny, tiny tale of identical twin fleas.

  • Dave, the Reluctant Cowboy

    Young Dave was full of spit and vinegar until he met the perfect antidote, Jet and Blizt, a couple of even ornerier horses.

  • Snakes and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails

    George with a G has a head full of thoughts, he thinks about how the moon hangs on in the sky, how ketchup hangs on in the bottle but mostly he thinks about...well probably better you hear for yourself.

  • The Shrinking Giant

    In the hidden land of Antarcticadia lived a very disagreeable giant until one day she met with a fully automatic, never problematic, entirely mechanic laundry facility that didn’t live up to its name.

  • The Story of Doctor Dolittle

    The great doctor of Puddleby-on-the Marsh preferred the company of the worst animals more than the best people so he learned how to speak their language. In this classic tale we follow his adventures around the world all because he can talk to the animals.

  • Message in a Teeny, Tiny Bottle

    Long ago when the birds were the only ones tweeting and clocks were the only ones tic tocking, there lived a little red robin.  All was going to plan until a cuckoo, cuckoo with a higgledy piggledy brain came to visit.