Be on the Show

Submitting a piece to be a ‘caller’ on the show probably requires the help of a big person but worry not, it’s easier than helping with homework. We just need an audio recording (on a phone is fine) emailed to us. Directions are below but if you get stuck just ping us a message and we’ll talk you down that recording runway.

How to Create a Recording

STEP 1   Create a Script 

Easier than it sounds, just write down what you are going to say.  For example;

‘Hi Nanny Bea, it’s Doris the chicken. I have a WonderWord for you. Today’s WonderWord is Balderdash.’

Make sure your script includes:

1-a greeting to Nanny Bea

2-your first name or a nick name

3-your Wonder Word

STEP 2  Record your Script

1-Find a quiet corner, not a windy one and use your phone or other device to record.

2-Record one step at a time with silence in between. One easy way the pros do it sometimes is to have the adult read and the child repeat, like a parrot! Most of all, make sure to enjoy yourself.

3-Email the audio file to We will get in touch to let you know we’ve received everything in good order and to tell you the details of your featured episode.

Wonder Word Ideas