Nanny Bea moved into my life just as my nearly grown children were preparing to leave the hive. She has become an outlet for all the bits I miss, telling stories, rummaging through my imagination and getting lost in it. She is who I would choose to care for my own children when they were young, someone kind to the core, quirky and vibrant.

With a career as a voice actor working predominantly in cartoons and computer games, I’ve been able to use my skills and indulge the little me within. Through Nanny Bea I hope to ignite in children a passion for reading through the art of story telling, to challenge their vocabulary with wonder words and to inspire their imaginations as they listen and create the pictures in their minds.

This project was spawned from a passion to bring some light into the world but there are expenses (and I’m rather fond of food, perhaps too fond). If you’d like to be part of our journey by supporting the show, thank you, contributions of any size are most appreciated.

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