Nanny Bea Hits the Road

Nanny Bea has retired from the podcast show to revive her stage career in a no where near Broadway production of CATS, starring actual cats. When asked her opinion on this most authentic of casting choices, Nanny Bea replied, 'My fellow actors have set the bar very high. I mean who can play a cat better than a cat?'

Finding Jules

Nanny Bea has left her neighbour Jules in charge of her cottage she calls Dave with two squirrels, one kitten and hens that she can hypnotise. Jules will also keep these stories online for you to enjoy and share as she continues her work as a screen writer and voice actor.

Thank you to all those who have supported the show and tuned in. We are eternally grateful.

Recent Posts

  • Dave the Reluctant Cowboy – Double Feature

    On December 1st the sun set on the Reluctant Cowboy but his story lives on in our hearts and on this podcast. The Last Rodeo is full of his adult adventures, just plain Dave the Reluctant Cowboy is his childhood exploits. Although the style includes some creative flare, the facts are facts. He led a most extraordinary life.

  • Hunting for Eggs, an Easter Story

    When Pete, Jude and Maggie set out to go fishing, they found what they'd hoped for and then so much more.

  • The Butterfly and the Beetle

    The bold bright butterfly dreamt of soaring to the stars, but that would never be possible about the quiet little beetle.

  • The Birds, the Bees, the Bugs and the Fleas

    For years the creatures of this planet have been concerned about climate change. But now they're doing something about it.

  • Molly Left Her Dolly on the Trolley, Car

    Molly was enjoying an outing in the city, San Francisco to be exact, where trolley cars are trugged up and roll down the lumpy, bumpy streets. Her mother had told her that very morning, ‘Don’t take your dolly, you might just leave her on the trolley, car. ‘ But Molly always took her doll, everywhere and up until today had never left her behind.

  • The Tale of Samuel Whiskers

    The classic Roly-poly rat tale from Miss Potter.

  • The Selfish Giant

    When the big man had such a little heart his garden was Winter all year round. But one day, one boy changed all that.

  • Llama, Llama, Dingo

    When Hector the Peruvian llama ends up in a field of Welsh lamb, he thinks his dreams of being a singer are shattered but it's surprising what you can find even on a hilltop in Wales.

  • Where’s Bob the Cat?

    Nate and Claus the mouse loved their house with the lazy dog ironically named Sparky and their ever missing cat named Bob. But it turns out Bob had his eye on them the whole time.

  • Duck Out of Water

    Edwin lived in a cast iron bath in the city of Bath it just so happens. Good thing Edwin was a duck. Edwin had a charmed life of bobbing in bubbles until one day he didn’t.

  • The Most Curious Moth

    Oscar is more curious than the other moth boys, he wants to live like the butterflies do.

  • Walk a Mile in their Shoes

    Chloe had Mary Janes and Chukka Boots, some winkle-pickers and plimsolls too. But that wasn’t nearly enough, she also had; hunter green wellington boots, wooden clogs and elevator shoes, kitten heels, peeped toes, penny loafers and some names nobody knows. And let’s not forget her flip flops, duckbills, driving moccasins and espadrilles.

  • Daniel and the Disappearing Spaniel

    Some days are grey days not just on the outside but on the in, deep down to your very core. Well this was the case for Daniel but that was about to change.

  • Shine on You Crazy Glow Worm

    There was a glow worm who'd squirm like a worm, she’d wiggle and she’d turn but no matter what she did, no matter what you called her, she would never and could never be an actual worm.

  • The Nativity Story

    Some stories are worth telling again...

  • Frederick the Most Fickle of Pickles

    Although he came out a fickle pickle, it wasn't until his babysitters spent some time with him. They identified is fickly pickles and conveniently from that point on were unavailable each time the family needed a sitter.

  • Dave the Reluctant Cowboy’s Last Rodeo

    On the first of December, The Reluctant Cowboy headed off into the sunset. We follow his trail after his early adventures and onto some more, always more for a man who came to known as The Legend.

  • Toys in the Attic

    When Charlotte and Oscar fell asleep in the attic, they were covered in cobwebs and dust, seemingly forgotten, forever.

  • Pumpkin Patch Pixie

    When the Pumpkin Patch Pixie goes missing, the prairie dogs go looking and find something they never expected.

  • Cody the Wandering Coyote

    Cody wandered to the big broad plains of Wyoming, homestead country, where every buffalo, bear or bison was claiming and carving out a home for himself. This was the Wild West, only not west so much, but definitely wild.

  • Polar Bear on Thin Ice

    Everyone was going absobloominglutely nuts at the Chicago Zoo when big polar bears made little ones, Nuki and Suki.

  • Mr Grimstone’s Garden

    No one wanted to go to Mr Grimstone's garden with its strange smells and odd goings on. A permanent waft of smoke chugged out of a rickety old shed like a massive beast was contained within but trying not to be. And then there were the bats, I can't forget the bats.

  • Be More Dog

    Many have heard of what experts call the Jurassic period but have you heard of what fewer experts, probably none at all, call the Dogonian period. In this Dogonian period, life was similar to how it is now, except dogs ruled the world and they didn’t have wi fi.

  • Space Cat and the Falling Star

    When stars fall , they fall fast so catching one takes special skills, diligent dedication and a very long pole with a huge hooky bit on one end.

  • There’s a Mouse in the House of God

    When Squidge decides to break away from the Mousetown Five and go solo, he finds being a one mouse band a lonely life, that was until the bells of St Bruno, Basil and Boris called out to him.

  • The Sky is Falling

    It is amazing where your imagination can take you. For Penny Hen it went from wondering to worrying in this almost familiar tale.

  • The Last Gnome Standing

    A little man can make a big impact and no one more so than Lampy. Nearly 200 years ago, when we used horses instead of cars and posted letters instead of memes, Lampy was minding his own business in the lush German countryside when a Lord came to town, not ‘the’ Lord but ‘a’ Lord, Sir Charles in fact.

  • Ribbert Croakermyer

    Ribbert heard her swishing gown announcing her arrival, Princess Willamoana wore a ball gown and tiara everywhere she went, to make sure everyone knew she was a princess. 'Well what do we have here? A suitable suitor perhaps?’ she said as she reached towards Ribbert. Ribbert wiggled and slipped from her grip. Hoping his hopping would get him to safety.

  • The Wolf That Didn’t Cry Boy

    The Wolf Cub Code says one thing but Niyah, a lone wolf, does another.

  • The Prodigal Penguin

    Pax and Percival were born into the good life, with a good father. And not your ordinary father but an Emperor. They had ice cream sundaes each Sunday and frozen yogurt on Fridays. All they could want was theirs but that wasn't enough for Pax.

  • Bruce the Moose Got Loose…Again

    A wild story of an unexpected but most appreciated visitor.

  • Vacuum Bag City

    The itsy bitsy spider was busy building her empire when, zhuuuush, she was sucked into a whole new world.

  • The Creative Center Cats

    Kitty and Smokey know how to keep customers coming back for more; the orange stripped Pete the postal cat once he’s done with his rounds, Betty that wild tabby who’ll never be caught, then there’s the brown and gold stripey one, the all white but one ear one, the cat with three legs, the cat with more than nine lives. They come for the music, they stay for the vibe.

  • Piddle, Paddle and Tattle; Polliwog Adventures

    The life of a polliwog might seem rather dull, just floating around until your legs pop out, bobbing along until your arms come through, but life is what you make it and these three little polliwogs had adventures galore.

  • The Boy Who Got Stuck in the Jar

    Freddy Fistolera with his early bird ticket and two weeks allowance, knew exactly where he was headed, the candy stall. They had buttertoes and sneakers, red veins and gob slobbers, every kind of candy you could dream of all on display in giant glass jars.

  • Come Sail Away

    Grandfather’s study was a place where one didn't touch a thing, not the globe dangling half cocked, not the stuffed Pigeon, the moose or the fox and most definitely not, decidedly not the smallest of ships adrift in a bottle to the left of the mantlepiece clock.

  • Bumble Jumbo

    Trevor and Stan were a couple of ordinary fleas just looking for a break from the monotony of life, so when Trevor’s uncle offered them two free tickets to paradise, they jumped on it. Well Trevor jumped and Stan kind of staggered, he has an unearthly fear of flying.

  • The Toilet Paper Fairy

    The Gunndersons seemed like a regular family. They fought over the best seat, cried over their split milk and laughed over any unexpected sounds or smells. It wasn’t until one day, on a Monday that Courtney, the youngest of the Gundunderson gang, realised her family was not what they seemed.

  • Mariuccia and the Meatballs

    On top of spaghetti all covered in cheese, there were three meatballs 'til somebody sneezed. Make meatballs with Nonna Mariuccia but watch out, they're slippery little suckers!

  • Time Keeps on Slipping into the Future

    But at a faster rate than it should. Can one man convince the world and can he do it in time?

  • The Plight of the Hairless Chihuahua

    Edwin was a happy pup, the perfect Chihuahua, if your idea of perfect didn't include hair. An ugly duckling who finally found where he belonged.

  • Uber Doober Doo

    It's Sam's dream to become a vet but he doesn't have the time to make his dream come true. Maybe with a little help from his friends?

  • Darcy the Dragonslayer

    There was something extraordinary about Darcy, something even Darcy didn't know.

  • Mina and the Moonlighters

    From the land of figs and roses, comes an unsuspecting band of creatures.

  • Cowboy Chicken Ranch

    As you’d suspect this ranch has cows, it also has chickens but what it doesn’t have, it hasn’t had for a mighty long time.

  • Buttercups and Daisy Chains

    One time when the gardener was feeling heady from midday sun, he cut the hedges into a waddle of Penguins looking for an iceberg to float away on, this was quickly cut down once Aunt Blanche caught site of them.

  • How to Succeed in 6th Grade without Really Trying

    Tiggy was so busy trying to find her 'thing'. She was in The Trampolene Troup, The Myth Buster Group, Mimes and Mimics, Clones and Physics, Eco Warriors, Territorials, The Spelling Bee, Tales (and you guessed it) Tea, just about every game, craft or club you could think of.

  • A Rainbow Production

    Just as the curtain goes up, they realise Orange is missing. Will they find her in time? Will the show go on without her? Find the answer to these questions and more in this week's episode with Nanny Bea.

  • Talking Trees

    A story of Forest who’s in a forest, and is looking for some hope.

  • The Diary of a Dormouse Detective

    In Moussissippi the Rat Pack rule, that is until the Mousecapades comes to town.

  • The Tale of Benjamin Bunny

    Beatrix Potter's classic tale with a tail. Peter Rabbit’s cousin comes to town and mischief follows.

  • The Mole Who Was Afraid of the Light

    Marty was a typical mole who discovered that in order to find his future, he must face his fears.

  • The Easter Basket

    The Easter story from Myriam's point of view. She was tormented by seven rats until the Nazarene came to town. He not only freed her from the rats, he carried her load and she followed him faithfully to the very end and back.

  • Buggins and Gubbins Go to the Flea Circus

    A teeny, tiny tale of identical twin fleas.

  • Dave, the Reluctant Cowboy

    Young Dave was full of spit and vinegar until he met the perfect antidote, Jet and Blizt, a couple of even ornerier horses.

  • Snakes and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails

    George with a G has a head full of thoughts, he thinks about how the moon hangs on in the sky, how ketchup hangs on in the bottle but mostly he thinks about...well probably better you hear for yourself.

  • The Shrinking Giant

    In the hidden land of Antarcticadia lived a very disagreeable giant until one day she met with a fully automatic, never problematic, entirely mechanic laundry facility that didn’t live up to its name.

  • The Story of Doctor Dolittle

    The great doctor of Puddleby-on-the Marsh preferred the company of the worst animals more than the best people so he learned how to speak their language. In this classic tale we follow his adventures around the world all because he can talk to the animals.

  • Message in a Teeny, Tiny Bottle

    Long ago when the birds were the only ones tweeting and clocks were the only ones tic tocking, there lived a little red robin.  All was going to plan until a cuckoo, cuckoo with a higgledy piggledy brain came to visit.

  • The Incredible Captain Tom

    Some times it takes 100 years to notice an extraordinary person. Some time it takes just 1 step to make extraordinary change. Go to to find out more about the incredible Captain Tom.

  • Jack and the Jelly Beanstalk

    There are many Jacks in the world of well known tales, the nimble one, the friend of Jill, Jack who ate no fat, Jack Horner who merely sat in that corner. But our Jack is a different Jack, not to be confused with the kind and grateful boy who went up the beanstalk either. Our Jack is neither kind nor grateful in fact he’s all together disagreeable.

  • The Interstellar Optic Smeller Radiographic Alien Teller

    Marly lived on a farm, with some pigs, a couple cows and lots of chickens, there’s always room for chickens. What there wasn’t room for was the space ship she was trying to hide behind the barn when the corn was high, in the silo when the wheat was low and under the bales of hay when the cows weren’t hungry.

  • There’s Snow School Today

    When a snowball the size of the moon falls from the sky, school goes virtual and Seb is bored until a visitor arrives and changes everything.

  • The Truth Fairy

    Career crisis for a prospective Tooth Fairy. Will Penelope find her destiny in the mouths of babes?

  • Peter and his Pickled Peppers

    Why did Peter, a piper by trade, go out and pick those pickled peppers? That’s where the story begins.

  • Twas the Night Before Christmas

    The well loved poem with some special visitors to wish you all a Happy, Merry, Jolly Christmas wherever you are and however you spend it.

  • The Nativity Story

    The story of the baby born to save the world. Please feel free to use this in your own Nativity.

  • The Nutcracker on Christmas Eve

    ust before midnight on Christmas Eve the toys come alive, lead by the fearless Nutcracker against the Mouse King and his army. Coming next week...The Nativity Story!

  • The Velveteen Rabbit

    The classic tale of a little Rabbit stuffed with saw dust wants nothing more than to become Real.

  • Tilly the Travelling Turkey

    Just as the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade is setting up, Tilly the Turkey makes her escape all the way to Plymouth for a feast that would make the Pilgrim Fathers proud.

  • Lighthouses, Levers and Lasers

    A mysterious visitor comes to class which turns into a circus and a city and a salty seaside, all in search of an answer. Where did the mobile phone come from?

  • Planet Zid v Planet Zod

    A young boy named Dibit from planet Zid faces off the giant Grug from Planet Zod with nothing but a sling shot.  A familiar story but with flying aliens, feathered sheep and an extra pair of arms.

  • The Wind in the Willows – The Riverbank 1

    Mole ventures up from underground to find life at its fullest particularly when he meets his new friends Ratty and the river. The first story from the classic tale.

  • Dr Frankenbeans and His Mashup

    Dr Frankenbeans is busy in his laboratory working on what some call an abomination, but he considers a masterpiece that will change the world forever! (well, change mealtimes...occasionally)

  • The Wonderful Wizard of Oz – Part 2

    We continue along the yellow brick road with Dorothy and her friends when they finally meet the Great and Powerful Oz, but is he a whiz of a wiz, if ever a wiz there was? (Part 2 of 2)

  • The Wonderful Wizard of Oz – Part 1

    There's no place like home and the Land of Oz proves that. This story is so big it requires two episodes. The concluding episode will be available next week.

  • The Knitted Boy

    This boy’s story starts with the king, as do the stories of all the other boys and girls, birds and bees, buds and trees. You see this king created the kingdom, with his own hands. He is not one of those a jack of all trades, no, he’s a master of everyone.

  • Gordon Fox and the Three Hares

    One windy winter’s day Gordon Fox stopped at the motorway services for some Doritos and a Diet Coke when off in the distance he saw not one, not two but three hares in matching leather coats.

  • Nanny Bea Hits the Road

    Nanny Bea has retired from the podcast show to revive her stage career in a no where near Broadway production of CATS, starring actual cats. When asked her opinion on this most authentic of casting choices, Nanny Bea replied, 'My fellow actors have set the bar very high. I mean who can play a cat better than a cat?'